Princess the pomeranian reunited with family five years after brunch ‘kidnapping’

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Five and a half years ago, Princess the pomeranian was stolen from a family in Arizona who never thought they would see their beloved pup again.

Yet a surprise call from a local vet last week told the Gonzales family that their little local celebrity had returned.

In May 2018, the family went out to brunch in downtown Phoenix for Mother’s Day with their four-pound pomeranian, who they always took out with them wherever they went, whether that was by lead, stroller or handbag.

Princess was well known around town, especially for her extravagant fashion choices and bedazzled collars.

Daisy Gonzales said she was inside the bar getting drinks with a friend when her mother rushed in, panicked, as no one could see where Princess had gone, reports Fox10.

The family believed that this cute little dog was stolen; they put up posters around town and on social media, went to every animal shelter looking for her, and even offered up a reward.

They believe Princess was targeted because she’s a “good-looking dog” and that “everyone wants a small dog.”

After no luck, Ms Gonzales thought that she would never see her furry friend again.

“I did think she was gone forever,” Ms Gonzales told AZ Family.

“She was part of the family. She went with us everywhere. My parents took her to the casino. I took her to the movies and dinner… We were all devastated.”

“I was just so happy,” Ms Gonzales told the outlet.

“I called my mom. She always had hope and knew we’d get her back one day. I lost hope after a few years. I just hoped she was with a great family, but I was very excited we found her. I’m at a loss for words.”

Apart from some dental problems, the family said Princess is doing well and is now happy.

Princess would have never been reunited with her family if it were not for her microchip.

It is not known how little Princess ended up at the clinic, apart from that a good samaritan bought her in, but the family are overjoyed to be reunited with their now nine-year-old pomeranian, who is now back in her clothes and custom collar the family have been saving all this time, Fox10 said.

Unfortunately, dog kidnapping is not uncommon, with around two million dogs stolen a year in the US, according to the World Animal Foundation.

Pets are often stolen in order to make money; the more desirable the pet is, the more cash someone can make by flogging the animal to a new owner, PAWS, an animal and wildlife shelter organisation, states.

Dogs are also stolen to be sent to puppy mills for breeding, trained as fighting dogs, or sell them to animal testing laboratories.

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